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About St.Helens
St.Helens is a small town of 102,629 population.
Its famous for Coal, Glass (Pilkingtons and Triple X car windows) and Johnny Vegas.
See the links for some of the more interesting stuff.
St.Helens Forum good for general info and family history
Another good St.Helens Forum
Tourism site for St.Helens
Clickhere for a You Tube video of St.Helens
Click here for a new up and coming St.Helens site showing places of interest and a very handy whats on guide
Thatto Heath Crusaders
A local Rugby club
St.Helens transport meuseum
Here is the current list of items to see
Worth a visit loads of old buses
On a Saturday they get an old bus out and take you to the best local pubs for a pint what a fab idea!
A good if a little expensive museum all about glass and its history, the kids will love the glass blowing demos and the underground tunnels, right in the town centre so handy foir a bit of shopping.
Kids holiday activities are good value.
Sutton Heritage Web site
This is fantastic
Short write up and pics of the Caverns
The Photographer who kindly supplied 7 of the pictures.
Please contact him should you wish to use them.
Crank Caverns
These are a small network of caves just out side the town.
There is said to be an underground lake and even a church down there.
I have done some digging and have found a man who was hired to conducted an underground survey of the caverns in the 1980s. The pictures are his findings after a survey of the caves, this is a deep as it goes, at the moment, it was deeper in the past but many tunnels have been blocked or subject to roof falls.
I did hear of   a dedicated few who are trying to open the blocked tunnels.
It was excavated to provide   stone for the construction of local houses etc.
The pictures are copyright of PR Deakin, thats why you cant right click them.
Click here for some more pics, thanks to Paul Kelly
If you have any Maps, pictures, storys or History about the caverns could I have a copy?
I intend to add a compleate page about the caverns, and possibly a web site